Our Awesome Team

Meet people who make it possible

Sidney Rema
Chief Executive Officer
4yrs in Banking; 5+ years in SMEs.
Formerly, Co-Founder & Head of Operations at Kuza Lab Limited, Software Consultancy Firm, helping it grow from $0 to $45,000 MRR in 6 Months.
Phelix Juma
Chief Technology Officer
4yrs in Banking; 3+ yrs in payments & lending. Formerly, Co-Founder & Head of Technology at Kuza Lab Limited, Overseeing the development & scaling of various solutions in Kenya, Uganda & South Africa, with 100k+ users.
Bernard Momanyi
Chief Commercial Officer
7+ yrs in creative industry - ran Onesha Technologies; leading strategy and growth. 3 yrs working with hotels & properties; helping them set up their online payments & digital infrastructure which has brought a combined $1M in revenue.