What our customers say

Don’t take our words, take theirs.

“The Best App”

“For me, Patika is the best app I can recommend to anyone who wants to be serious with their business. Others are just hyped.”
Charles, Wembe Wholesalers

“Great Customer Service”

“This is the best app when it comes to sales and debt collection. Customer service is satisfactory and even offers visits frequently.” James, Local ISP

“More Cash in Hand”

“Pending payments have gone down and Patika has helped me keep tabs on them and collect them from customers. Now, my business has more cash in hand as a result. “Willy, Scott Trading Windscreens

“They Listen and Act”

“Never thought I’d enquire about a change and it was done like on a one on one talk. Thank you Patika Team and God bless you all.”  Sean, Locan Internet Provider

“It’s a Jackpot”

“I have been looking for such a thing till today when I bumped onto it on Twitter. When was this stuff released? It has taken me long enough to hit the jackpot.” Augusto, Bread Distributor.

“I’m Collecting More”

“I wake up to a message from Patika telling me that a customer, who received the reminders, has paid.” Philbert, Dr Phil Computer Services