Easily and quickly get paid all the revenue you didn’t receive upfront. Get paid  3X faster . Reduce non payments by 70% . Take charge of your cash flow


Manage your money where you manage your business . See how much money you’ve been paid and your account balance realtime . Bank-grade security


Easily pay back your pending supplier bills . Pay vendors, employees, other businesses or bills instantly . Simplified controls and approvals . No need to visit the bank

Auto Reminders

We send FREE payment reminders to your customers via SMS, WhatsApp or Email . No need to call or text them manually . We won’t forget like you could

Auto Reconciliation

We attribute and reconcile every payment you make . Everything auto recorded, all balances auto updated . No more need to spend 5 hours/day doing manual reconciliations

Recurring Payments

Take control of your repeat payments . Create a payment request once, set how frequently you want it paid and when  . We do the rest as you run your business.

You don’t get a better deal than this

Digital Bank Accounts

Get unlimited wallet accounts linked to an actual bank where your money sits. Every business gets one collections account for their business and an additional unlimited accounts for their customers as well as temporary transactional accounts.


Payment Reminders

Send payment reminders via SMS, WhatsApp or Email to your customers. Set automated reminders and schedule how and when you’d like them sent eg every Monday or after every 14 days or every month. The power is all yours.


Receiving Payments & Auto reconciliation

Receive payments from your customers through various channels like mobile money as well as direct bank transfers into your wallet account. All payments auto reconciled realtime with balances auto updated and with payment notifications and receipts issued. Structure repeat payments as you’d wish.

1% not exceeding KES 500

Send Money & Payouts

Send Money to other people or yourself from your Patika wallet. Pay your suppliers for goods delivered or vendors for services offered . Pay all your bills realtime. All transactions are realtime with sufficient security controls.

KES 35

What Our Clients Are Saying

From helping them collect over 60% more to helping eliminate customer conflicts that resulted from poor reconciliation on pen and paper, our users are so happy that they’ve referred to us 30% of all our businesses

Say No To Manual Work . Say No To Pen & Paper

It takes only 1 minute to register account, add pending payments from customers and begin receiving your money. It is that easy!

We Are Available Across Africa

We provide automated payment flows on collections & payouts with auto-reconciliation. We help SMBs quickly collect pending payments from their customers by automating the entire collection process from reminders to customers, to processing these payments with real-time reconciliation of customer balances. They can also process pending payouts to their suppliers & vendors with real-time auto-reconciliation directly from their Patika Wallet. 

You no longer need to receive payments from multiple sources and still manually record them into your accounting tool. Patika provides the end to end solution where all payments are attributed and reconciled realtime.

You can’t go wrong with Patika. Whether you are a distributor selling on credit, landlord struggling with rent collections, school dealing with manual fee payment reconciliations, a chama wanting to automate member collections or a lender with manual loan  repayment collections & reconciliations.