Credit Sale Payment Collections & Reconciliation for Distributors

Easy & transparent experience.

01. Set up your account

You can add as many outlets as you have, add as many products as there are and add as many sales agents as you have.

Your Business in Your Hand
Have 20 distribution outlets? Manage all credit sales collections and reconciliation all on your handset device.
Bank-grade security
Your data, that of your retail customers and your payments are only accessible by you. We care about your safety

02. Manage Your Retail Customers & Their Credit Sales

Add your retail customers. Each time an agent sells to them on credit,  record it on Patika highlighting the products sold, how much was paid and the pending balance. Each customer automatically gets a payment account.

03. Leave the rest to us

We take over from here and automate everything. You worry about how to grow your business, we worry about you getting paid.

Balance Tracking
We show you and your customers the pending balances and the details of the credit sales for easy tracking.
Automated Reminders
We send reminders periodically via SMS/WhatsApp/Email to your customers with their balances & payment details.
Payments Processing
Your customers pay directly to the accounts issued to them via Patika. They receive a receipt instantly.
Automatic Reconciliation
Every payment is attributed and reconciled. No more manual recons with bank statements or mpesa messages

04. Lipa Mdogo Mdogo

You no longer have to restrict your customers clear their balance at once. With our automated payment flows, any part payment made by the customer is auto reconciled and money moved to your wallet. No more checking bank statements or mpesa messages manually to confirm payment receipts, losing 5 hours in the process.