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Patika helps micro,  small and medium businesses to collect their pending payments faster while also providing them with the tools to automate the whole process from payment requests to payment processing to funds disbursement from their wallet.

The Patika wallet is like a digital bank account for your business. All payments collected from your customers will be held/saved into your Patika wallet which helps you separate your business funds from your personal funds.

We provide an end-to-end system for payment flows right from making a payment request through reminders to processing the payments via Patika Pay to recording and attributing these transactions and auto reconciling them. In the end, you’ll have all the records for your customers as well as their updated balances.

Patika Pay allows you to process payments into and from your wallet. Your customers can pay you directly into the wallet and their pending payments will be auto reconciled and balances updated. You can pay your suppliers and vendors directly from the Patika Wallet or transfer funds from the wallet into your bank account.

We use bank-grade encryption tools to secure your wallet while also enabling multi factor authentication for you to access the wallet. We also implement controls that allows you to set approvals such that any money cannot leave the wallet unless the transaction is approved by someone else.

Patika is FREE for most of the features. We only charge a 1% + KES 35 for any transfer or payment from the wallet.

We care about privacy and abide by the local and international data protection practices such as GDPR. We allow you to also add access controls which ensures that you can restrict some staff members from accessing some information.

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