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Collections & Payouts is a challenge faced by very many businesses and organizations. We have solved this for a number of businesses (and still counting)…

Patika For Wholesale Distributors

Patika helps wholesale distributors who sell products to their retail customers on credit to manage these credit sales and automates follow-ups, payment collections and reconciliation.

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Patika For Landlords & Property Agents

Patika helps landlords, agents or property managers to stay on top of their rent collections. They can structure their tenant bills (rent, garbage et al) and we automate reminders & real time reconciliation of their payments.

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Patika For Schools

Patika helps schools with the daunting task of following up with parents as well as reconciling school fee payments. The current process of manually counterchecking with bank or mpesa statements not only consume several hours but is also prone to errors leading to losses.

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Patika For Chamas, Saccos & Self Help Groups

Patika helps self help groups, chamas or Saccos to structure their member contributions/savings, membership fees and loan repayments. We handle follow ups and auto reconcilition of every payment made by a member, replacing the manual process of using bank or mpesa statements

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Patika For Lenders

Patika helps lenders or shylocks to structure their loans, interests and repayment plans for their users. We also take care of the reminders to the customers to pay, handle the collection payments and auto reconcile with their loan balances.

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Patika For Hire Purchase (BNPL) Sellers

Patika helps businesses that sell on hire purchase or BNPL businesses to structure their credit sales as well as payment plans for their customers. We take care of the follow-ups to the customers to pay, handle the collection payments and auto reconcile with their balances.

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